Just a quick question explain what set us apart

Do you really need DESIGNER furniture (or website) for your business or an effective, functional and still attractive website to draw visitors, our speciality?

Dynamic Website Solutions

A website is not a beauty contest or ornament and it's useless to pay thousands and then sit without visitors or real value for your business.

What we do is to build valuable dynamic websites that's integrated into our whole marketing group so that you can change, manage and promote your business and products or services from one control panel.

The term "dynamic" means the website is not fixed or static and dynamically change according to the content in the database so you are in full control and can increase your website's real value day after day.

  • Business Hosting
  • Responsive Websites
  • Marketing Group
  • Marketing Tools

What We Offer


Conversion of a template into a website with dynamic content that you can change at any time.

If you already have a good website it don't matter as we can help to improve and integrate it.

Our aim is to help our web hosting clients to get almost any website at as low price as possible.

On top of both above you can also build free additional marketing websites to increase exposure.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting can compare with the best and are in some aspects even better than the best.

In fact we offer much more than any ISP because our aim is not hosting, but to help with websites and marketing too.

We now also offer FREE SSl Certificates that would normally cost you hundreds of rands so that you can use HTTPS instead than HTTP.

Many of our clients are still with us for 10+ years, even an elite ANC family and that says a lot about our services.


No other ISP, web design, or marketing company in the world have their own marketing group like we do.

Content is King, but then distribution is Queen and she wears the pants, but we use both content and distribution and more.

Our clients can use our ever growing marketing group for free and as much as they want to promote their business.

We spend years to develop this system and can't really explain the many features and benefits so what we recommend is.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

Get Started Now

The available websites here represent not even 5% of what is available or can be done so the best approach is to apply for hosting to get you started and we will then engage with you so that we can decide together what is the best for you.

Our Services

  • Web Hosting

    10+ Years of Professional Level Web Hosting

Professional Web Hosting

Our web hosting serves as the operational base for our clients as well as our marketing websites

  • Templates

    Ten thousands of Templates Available

Top Class Templates

There are thousands of templates available that we can convert into your own dynamic website

  • Marketing

    Dozens of Marketing Websites Available

Marketing Group

Our clients can use our ever growing marketing group for free to promote their business

  • Websites

    Free and Low cost Websites

Dynamic Websites

Our clients easily manage their own websites so they don't need to pay us to manage or update it

  • Smart Tools

    Growing set of Marketing Tools and more

Marketing Tools

We regularly add more marketing tools that you can use for free and without any extra costs

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We don't work from an office where clients can visit us because we operate our whole business and operations remotely from our homes.