Reasons why you dont need a website

Reasons why you dont need a website

1. Already Have a Facebook Page

Good for you because you clearly understand even something free can lead to some sales and that is the goal of any business but do you realize that you build part of YOUR business on other company's property and website instead of your own? Just ask yourself whether you search for information on almost any company's website or on their facebook page?  

2. Clients Know my @gmail or @hotmail Address

No problem that you got xx number of clients by using your @gmail address but the question is how many did you LOOSE and continue to loose because such cheap and free email addresses are usually associated with spammers, scammers and fly-by-night businesses? How can you trust a business owner that don't even have enough trust in his own business to invest a minimal amount in his own business website and email address?

3. App's Are The New Thing

That's true yes but app's are mainly an extension of a website and the same can be said for a Facebook page too. Even with the large sums spend on for example the Facebook App it's useless without the real Facebook website and underlying system and no app in the world can do everything that a website can do.

4. A Website is Expensive

That is true yes but there are also a lot of free of low cost websites available that can easily be even far better than as a R10 000 website because in the end it's the content that determine your website's success or not.

"The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences." - Carl Frederick

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