Why we offer free marketing websites

Why we offer free marketing websites

Why we offer free marketing websites can perhaps best be answered with the following information and question.

Right from the start Mark Zuckerberg stood his ground that Facebook must be free for everybody and today it's worth billions of dollars because of the large number of users and tons of content that they post for free and that again show that content is king.

It took Facebook by the way 2 years before they started to sky-rocket but what do you think will happens if Facebook start charging users even just $10 per month? Millions will stop using Facebook and the content that draw visitors dropped like hell overnight.

Likewise the biggest online newspaper in India consist entirely out of "user generated" content from their 40 000 members. It's free membership but on the other hand it's also free content for the newspaper that earn most likely a lot of money out of advertisements.

Our free marketing websites works on the same principle but are even better than above from several perspectives.

Be King of your OWN content and website

Every expert worth his salt and hundreds of books will tell you how important content is.

Content is King yes but few people realize that they are nothing more than servants of the real king even while it's their own content and with Facebook and above mentioned newspaper THEY are in ultimate control of "your" content.

Our marketing websites are different because the primary aim is that you build your OWN content rich website for your own and exclusive benefit.

If content is King, then distribution is Queen and she wears the pants.

Even if you have a content rich website it's still a standalone website and almost impossible to compete with the giants so we took it a step further and integrated each website into one system for automatic distribution of such content over our large marketing group.

The logic is that you FIRST post on your own website and then on Facebook or above mentioned newspaper so that you still own and are in full control of your own content even if Facebook went down.

With our integration it's not even double work and you merely post it on your website and then distribute it on our group or Facebook or wherever you want with almost the click of a button.

Marketing group versus marketing websites

The marketing websites refer to the integrated website where you can post content and there is no advertisements on the marketing websites and it don't form a direct part of the marketing group.

The marketing group refer to separate websites that was created with the sole purpose to act as distribution points for content that you selected and can grow to hundreds of websites. (We actually had 300 + but took it down to rebuild a new and integrated system)

1. You post as much interesting, informative and valuable content on your marketing website.
2. You select appropriate content for automatic distribution on the marketing group.

If it's an article about woman it will for example appear on http://pretoria.saweb.info (Town Portal) as well as on http://www.woman-today.co.za (National) and if there is enough content for a specific topic or industry, we just add another national website for such topic or industry.

What not Facebook or above newspaper or any company in the world can offer you, is that almost everything where possible links back to YOUR OWN marketing website via banner ads, links and cross-marketing.

Even the canonical background link points back to your website as SOURCE of such articles and what that means in plain English is that we don't take "credit" for your content, but instead give credit to you with search engines that increase your website ranking with each article from your website that appear on other websites and have a canonical back link.

Simple put, the free websites make it easy for you to build a content rich website, so that we can automatic use the combined content for the marketing group that in turn offer free marketing for everybody involved based on Unity Is Power and where one hand was another both comes clean.

Note: We will add more free marketing website templates (layouts) but remmeber the goal is not to win a beauty contest but marketing and that is also why we offer low cost dynamic websites. It's also integrated but nothing stops you from using the free marketing websites for different topics or marketing purposes to increase your marketing reach.

"The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences." - Carl Frederick

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