The goal of the marketing group

The goal of the marketing group

When one person become fed-up with oppression, encourage others to stand together and do the same and they encourage others too, a revolution is born that can overthrown even the biggest giant.

In this case a marketing system was developed over years as alternative to the expensive marketing giants that use our own content for  free to generate billions of rands. It's our content, articles, information, tweets, posts and websites that let the media, Twitter, Facebook and Google attract visitors and turn it into advertising revenue.

1. A central server based system to establish and build such alternative marketing group.

2. Content based system to encourage users to start using content for their OWN benefit.

3. Marketing group network for the automatic distribution and promotion of such content.

Everything is now ready up to this point and all that is necessary is that each person start using it and encourage others to do the same.

The marketing group is at this launching stage too small for any dramatic short term results but remember that,

a. There is no doubt that using your OWN content will benefit YOU in many different ways and,

b. When the marketing snowball really start to roll you would already have a lot of content on the group which will let competitors so far behind that it would be very difficult for anyone to catch up to you.

It's YOUR group so put us and the system to the test and submit proposals on how the system can help and serve YOU even better and you'll see that everything is really about you, each individual and the group as a collective.

From our view it’s a non-profit marketing tool and we use precise the same system as you to utilize the group. It’s almost like the internet or a revolution where everyone can participate and use it, but nobody really owns it. (They say the same about crypto currencies)


"The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences." - Carl Frederick

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