Parts Of A Website

Parts Of A Website

In general a website consist of three parts and by understanding these parts you can not only save yourself a lot of time and money, but also be a lot more successful with whatever you want to do on the internet.

The Layout

The website layout is just the visual appearance and looks of the website and while a visual attractive website is a good thing it's not really so important.

(Just have a look at the layout of and you'll see how “plain” it is; yet it's one of the most successful websites in the world)

In most cases a website template (layout) is relative cheap and ideal to create a visual attractive but more importantly a topic or industry appropriate website such as a flower or whatever specific kind of layout.

The Functionality

The website functionality is what you can do with a website and what the website can do and can also consist of two parts.

Plain HTML that's relative easy (the layout itself is mostly also HTML) and programming script such as PHP or Perl.

With our website builder as above and many other website design programs you can build a website with some basic functionality such as contact us forms, feedback etc without any programming knowledge.

With our website installer program in your hosting control panel you can also install relative complex and some of the best scripts and programs for free while there are ten thousands of free and very low cost programs available that cater for a very wide range of full websites and specific purposes.

The “drawback” of such programs and scripts is that they in most cases have a standard layout so you either have to pay someone to change the layout or do it yourself.

(Just so that you know. Some companies charge anything between R6 000 up to R12 000 for precise the SAME programs that we offer for free merely because they integrate a custom layout / template into such program while we can do the same for maybe a mere few hundred rand)

The Content

You can install above programs for free or pay up to R100 000 for a website with many “smart” features and a nice layout but in the end of the day it's worth almost nothing.

The internet doesn't really consist of domain names and websites as you see and experience it. The internet consists of CONTENT and that is why people say CONTENT is the currency of the internet.

The domain names is merely addresses such as PO Box 111 and the website the PO Box holder but it's the post, the content in it that's valuable.

To list 10 000 out of 1 000 000 general businesses is not worth much, to list 1 800 out of 2 000 motorcycle dealers in SA is valuable because people will eventually find that THIS website is the place to go if you search for motorcycle dealers.

To list all your 1 000 products with full product descriptions on your ecommerce website is not worth much because there are 100 000 other similar websites but to provide UNIQUE content such as recommendations, personal and “unique you” product explanations, descriptions, recommendations and suggestions (thus over and above the “standard” info) make the website a lot more valuable.

The extra and unique content increase your search engine rankings and THAT can send hundreds and ten thousands of visitors to your website for FREE. With that extra content visitors can SEE that you mean business, that you know your products and that they can trust you so it will increase your sales a lot.

As said there are many thousands of scripts and programs available so all that you need to do is to match the functionality with the goal. An ecommerce is excellent for the selling stage but is in the first place an ecommerce system and a wise and simple solution is thus to use a content management system for marketing CONTENT and link the two websites together. (either a different domains or same domain, different category or section)

To conclude there are a LOT of opportunities out there so contact us, play around to see what our web hosting control panel offer and you'll end up saving a lot of time and money with a far more effective internet presence.

"The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences." - Carl Frederick

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