The Rationale

We can build static websites and make much more money from that and by doing regular updates on behalf of clients just like anybody else but this is about something far bigger than that.

We spend years developing, testing and rebuilding a huge alternative marketing group based on Unity is Power and with dozens of town portals and other websites it need a LOT of content.

From that perspective the solution is dynamic websites for our clients so that selected content can be shared across the whole group.

Content is King

Like us you can spend years to study and test internet marketing and the internet in general but you'll always found that content is indeed king.

You just need to look at the internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter to realize that their CONTENT is everything. What would Google be without websites to list? or Facebook without posts, or twitter without tweets?.

In fact if you take the content (articles, news, information etc) away from media giants they won't attract visitors and won't be able to earn a billions from advertising. They use content to draw readers or visitors, but let businesses pay for expensive "advertisements" that's mostly useless unless it's specials.

Distribution is the Queen

If Content is King, then distribution is the Queen and she wears the pants and let the poor King work his ass off to supply free content that she can use to make her rich.

That is precise what happen where all above mentioned giants let you feed them FREE content, what they then use to draw readers and visitors, and let poor you pay like hell for a small portion of the attention.

Unity is Power

Even if Content is King and Distribution is the Queen the real revolutionary power lies in Unity is Power that can unsettle the whole Kingdom.

This whole system, dynamic websites, marketing group and everything, was designed around such Unity is Power so that YOU and each client can be both Content King and Distribution Queen at the same time.

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"The best opportunities now lie where your competitors have yet to establish themselves, not where theyre already entrenched." - Paul Allen

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We don't work from an office where clients can visit us because we operate our whole business and operations remotely from our homes.