Website Layout

We compare a website with a home to give you a better understanding of the design of a website layout.

This will also make it easier to understand what can be changed and what not and what parts is important for marketing purposes.

In design a website layout refer to the overall looks of a website but we break it down a bit more for easier understanding.

Floor plan or Foundation

A floor plan or foundation are obviously something very fixed and cannot be changed without some drastic changes that require a lot of time and money.

While it can be changed we don't really mess with the base layout or floor plan so take a look at the overall impression such as where what is and this or that functions such as for some base items such as the top header, menu and footer.

In general, look for templates where you like the overall impression and layout even if it's about something different as your own business as it can be changed as below.

Individual Rooms

Just like a house, where you are satisfied with where what room is, it don't matter much WHAT is in such room because the owner will just move out and you can change each individual room according your own needs.

The homepage is the reception area so it's important that it create a good and overall first impression so the idea is that the homepage act as summary of the best your business have to offer.

Each page represents a different room where each room are decorated with furniture and content (images and headlines etc) appropriate to such room, page, product or service.


A website template already have such images and content on each page but the best is always to give everything your own personal touch with your OWN images and content.

This may perhaps take some time but it's important and anyway mostly a once-off effort as you don't buy new furniture every second weekend or what?

It's also important that you use good quality images because you don't want somebody to have one look at your spoiled lounge suite and run away, do you?.

Kitchen or Workshop

While content include everything on your website or in your home, the real marketing magic happens in the kitchen or workshop where you can brew up delicious dishes or invent nice gadgets after another.

That is what the "articles" section is for and where you, once your house are ready for visitors, can start writing and posting relevant, interesting, informative and valuable content.

If you now think about it, people won't come to your house to check how it looks, they came to taste your delicious dishes, check your gadgets and learn more about it.

Slimming Product Example

There are thousands of different slimming products, and maybe ten thousands websites to promote it, but the reality is that people don't want to buy slimming products right away.

Unless of course they look for something they know, they first and foremost want INFORMATION about slimming so that they can make an informed decision.

By providing them with loads of informative and valuable information about slimming, you not only get more visitors and better search engine rankings, but that content build trust in your knowledge of your industry (slimming) and much more people will trust your recommendation of what is the best.

Building a Name = Building Income

The best thing you can do is to build a name for yourself as THE person to go to for the particular products or services that you offer and you can do that, article after article that show the dedication and intensive knowledge you have about what you offer.

Some people did it and for many it perhaps not worked but it's not because of it don't works, it's because it was a standalone effort and website without the underlying power of a whole marketing group behind it.

"Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship...the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth." - Peter F. Drucker

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