It's YOUR Group

The last test system consisted of over 300 websites and while it was managed by ONE person the group reached over 1 million hits per month.

Despite that and like almost any other business or website, it's still a "standalone" business or project (or website for that matter) and it's almost impossible to compete with the million dollar giants.

The group was however designed around Unity is Power so that everybody can use the group op the same level as even the developer and owner, hence the slogan.

It's YOUR Group

Already have a Website?

If you already have a website it don't matter and nothing stops you to get an extra website for increase your marketing and internet exposure.

With our business hosting package you can host up to two domains and full websites without any extra fees.

Online Real Estate

Content is not only King, but also the real estate and currency of the internet. (read more)

Regardless whether you paid R0 or R30 000 for your website it have very little to do with the real value of your domain name and website because it's the content that determine the real value.

Content attract visitors, content build real value and our dynamic websites was designed around this simple fact and also why you can post almost unlimited content on your website, unlike many other designers (and static websites) that charge you hundreds for each extra page.

Dynamic Automation

When you post content such as informative, interesting and valuable content on your website, you can easily select articles and then "copy" it to our marketing group for automatic distribution.

When such article appear on our marketing group it both visible and in the background link back to your website as the source and thus increase your search engine ranking and provide a direct link to your website.

(The background link back to your website is called a canonical" link and search engines "credit" your ranking with each such canonical link on other external websites so the more articles on other websites link back to your website as the source, the higher your search engine ranking.)

Extensive Cross-Marketing

Each time one of your articles appear somewhere on the marketing group we use extensive cross-marketing to gain as much exposure for you as possible and that is not something that any other company would do unless you are willing to pay in gold.

It's hard to believe yes but go and take a look for yourself at for example the Pretoria Town Portal and take not of the banner ads and several other links and content that created by ourselves. (It's all linked to the article author so if it was your article, everything around would be yours so far as possible).

Creativity Made Easy

Obviously a business website must be professional so you can't post any content you want on your website but that's not a problem.

Over and above the fact that you can post articles about a wide range of topics direct on the marketing group, you can also install free additional websites and put your wife, children or even staff to work in a way that they would enjoy.

Your wife can start her own website about cooking, your teens about whatever their interests or hobbies are and the same apply for your staff. They can even earn extra money with our affiliate system while all this websites also link to your business website for even better and more exposure.

Look for example at my own personal website. I can not only post what I want, but it also link to and promote the business while it at the same time build "rapport" and trust as people can see the face behind the business.

Marketing Websites

As already mentioned the last test system had over 300 websites but it was all standalone websites without integration into one system so we took it down and started to rebuild it as one, big integrated group.

At this moment there are just over 50 town portals and we will integrate more and more websites but the problem is that there are too little content for such big group so the more content you post and the more businesses join, the more marketing websites can we add to the group.

Marketing Tools

Co-operation and Unity is Power was always a cornerstone behind development so when we needed some "tools" to make things better or easier for us, we just build it and add it to the system where anybody can use it for free.

There are some nice and valuable marketing tools but the aim is to utilize experts in various fields to help with development of such tools as well as an extensive knowledgebase to the benefit of everybody.

The co-operational concept is easy. Why do we have to pay individually for this or that expert advice or help, if we can pay for it once and then make it available to everybody in the group?.

Much, much more

It's not easy to explain years of development and work on a single page and there is a lot of things that's not explained or available yet.

For example, advertising is free for all our clients, but once the combined statistics of the whole group reached a serious level, we will engage the big guys to pay for commercial advertising on the group and use that big money to promote the group even further externally.

In other words, the big guys pay for the external advertising of our small guys.

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"In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." - Charles Darwin

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